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Friday, November 11, 2005


Mexico and Germany

Miss Seoul Motor-Show

Can you find your home?

Dancing queen

Washing day

Ultimate warriors

Sit down, please!

Temple peace

After some alcohol around 8am weekdays

Living human eggs?

Inside a woman bathroom

I'm thinking and thinking ...

The real Lenny Kravitz

Korean beauties

My suit, my woman and my car

Please call me later baby

Korean traditional sport

Win, win, win

Good night in a Zzimzilbang

Nationality person

FC Seoul forever ...

Poor man in a prison

Two german party tigers

Mc Donald's street sale


Can you find the guy with blond hair?

Crazy hiking person

Like in North Korea?

Sinchon street

Who are you?

Taking picture every time

I'm on the top of the mountain

Now you know the way.

Buy whatever you want on the top

Taj Mahal in Sokcho

Just one Euro

Do you need a lens?


Enjoy your meal!

The franchise connection in action

Snow in Seoul

Belgium or Korea?

Traditional temple cooking place

It's working time

With respect: Templestay

Fresh fish

Cheers, you are a real man.

Auferstanden aus Ruinen und der Zukunft zugewandt ...

Ms. DaimlerCrysler by night

I love you too.

Hoky and me before a wrestling match.

North or South korean soldier?

Unbelievable! 15 Euro cent for 15 bananas.

Inside a beer bar

Hard Rock Cafe Seoul

DMZ - Demilitarized Zone

Pick up caravan

It was a really funny time

I'm Santa Claus

Do you want to rent wheel chair?

Korean thinking of the world

Germany lost the game 3:1

Parking place Santa Claus

Golden bridge of Busan (Pusan)

After the yearend party

See you 2006!

Some of my co-workers

Street life including Mc Donald'e restaurant

Christmas time in Korea

Waste of energy or just wonderful?

City wall of Suwon by night

Singing in a Noraebang (Karaoke room)

Big Maec Set hana tschuseyo!

The end of a street

Beautiful temple in beautiful environment

My room for the last 11 months

Typically korean!

Take a rest whenever you can.

A responsible person at an exhibition

Are you hungry?

Lets go and have fun.

My private fanclub

My friend

17 years ago ...

Me in action after some drinks

Maybe a new movie or a reportage

I'm the tallest. :-)

Korean birthday party

My station - every day.

Do you want to see the rest? Ask me. :-)

Enjoy your life whenever you can

Scooters for old people

Three dickies

Just a joke.

The first female korean RWE fan

Attention General!

They are waiting of a bus

Remote control for Noraebang

Dog clothes

Royal palace

Models on a beach

My first working place

Just try ... and enjoy.

Korean lifestyle

An old man and his job

Little buddas

Hommmeeeee ruuuunnnnn

Land reclamation

Buy a dog

Tower in Seoul

3 billion korean won in 10000 bank notes

Korean traditional festival

This is my club!

Take a rest and sleep well.

Buy or use in Lotte department store?

FC Seoul fan block

Hearty kiss


Yeuido park near Han river

Susann (81) and Raimo (99)

Don't worry. Just traffic jam.

Korea cute twins

Adjumas with sun hut

Cheerleaders with a fantastic man

Enjoy and relax. Take time for yourself.

Sleeping person, wherever you are.

Mountain rest place

Many many Mc Donald'e coupons

Suburb of Seoul

Near my Asia tower


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